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 Henrik Jul Hansen

 Ron Brickman

 Christina Sleigh


Mother Lode Friends of Music

P.O. Box 1362 Jackson, CA 95642

To Whom It May Concern:

It's with the greatest pleasure that I write this recommendation on behalf of Jeff Chambers. I have known Jeff now for a few years as principal trumpet player in the orchestra I conduct in Amador County, the Mother Lode Friends of Music. I cannot say enough good things about Jeff Chambers and his trumpet playing.

Jeff has an unusual kind of musical sensitivity and is a delight to work with and to listen to. He has a rare talent for sound and for molding sound. He knows how to brighten his sound in heroic moments as well as sparkle with lush, shining overtones when he leads the trumpet section in a symphony. He can also bring out the darker colors of hidden emotions that leaves one with a deeper, awe-inspired understanding of the music. He can produce hymn-like feelings when the score demands it and divulge distinguished, patriotic sentiments on festive occasions.

His music making can be luxurious, opulent and glowing and be heard over the full orchestral sound in one moment, and the most delicate, sensitive, and probing in the next. His sound as an orchestral soloist is a model in beauty, polish and cultivation. I have never heard coarse or unrefined music coming from his trumpet.

His great insights into sound are matched by his musicality from the classical repertoire, to Latin rhythms and jazz. In fact, Jeff has an inherent understanding of musicality that outclasses many of his peers. On many occasions, I have heard Jeff create musical experiences that leaves you mesmerized, producing the kind of interpretations that becomes an infinite highpoint in your memory.

As a personality he is always respectful towards his fellow musicians and shows the kind of warmth, sensitivity, and support that gets the best out of his co-workers. He is a born teacher.

I cannot recommend Jeff Chambers to you and enough. Anyone who has heard Jeff perform can most certainly attest to his remarkable musical talents, his very attractive playing, and his ability to create awe-inspiring and haunting performances. Jeff is the kind of musician who enriches people and their community wherever he goes.

If you wish to discuss this further, please don't hesitate to give me at call.


Henrik Jul Hansen
Symphony Conductor
(916) 443-3359



Mother Lode Friends of Music

P.O. Box 1362 Jackson, CA 95642




As president of the Mother Lode Friends of Music, the regional organization of classical music performance serving the central region of California's Sierra Nevada foothills, I have had many occasions to work with Jeff Chambers, trumpet player and teacher.

Jeff has been principal trumpet in our orchestra for several years. Before he joined the ensemble, we had to bring in professional players from Stockton and Sacramento. Jeff is right up there in delivering first-rate performances, including important solos. Jeff has also joined us in chamber ensembles, always performing with great reliability and artistry. He is equally proficient in classical and jazz styles.

Our organization sponsors every two years a competition of young musicians through high school who reside in El Dorado, Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne counties. In those years when students of Jeff entered, they were given special commendation, against a very tough field covering all instruments and voice, by a jury of professional-level musicians that have included, through the years, Peter Jaffe, conductor of the Stockton Symphony, and Roman Fukshansky, professor at the San Francisco Conservatory. From our organization's point of view, it is clear that Jeff is the premier instructor on the trumpet in the foothills region.

Ron Brickman




Jeff Chambers: Musician and Educator

If you are looking for a teacher for yourself or your child, please consider Jeff Chambers. As a conductor and music educator, Jeff Chambers is one of the most professional and talented human beings I have met in my career. As a musician he is always prepared and holds himself to a higher standard. His dedication to his craft comes across in his music, his rehearsal capabilities, and his uplifting and consistent performances. He is one of the few musicians I know that holds his students to the same expectations that he expects of himself. These expectations are what lead his students toward becoming fine and professional musicians themselves. Students of Jeff Chambers will leave his studio completely prepared to take on the challenges of and achievements of a musical life.

Christina Sleigh- Musician- Educator- Conductor
Ms. Sleigh holds degrees in Music Education and Conducting. She is currently a guest conductor with the Amador County Concert Band, an active musician and educator in the Amador County Unified School District.


To whom it may concern,

        This letter serves to recommend Jeff Chambers for employment in the position of music teacher. I studied music under him for over four years at Pick Up the Baton, a music program he helped put together and where I first took up music.

        Jeff Chambers is one of the finest music teachers I have ever had in my eight plus years of study. He was in fact the first music teacher that I ever studied under, and he taught me with patience and gentle persistence, gradually helping me to develop my skills at the clarinet and general music theory.

        Pick Up the Baton is still probably the best music group I have ever had the privilege of playing with;it was certainly the most enjoyable. Jeff is one of the founders of the group, and I must say both Jeff and Pick Up the Baton really set the bar high. Music is obviously something that not everyone takes too, in talent or enjoyment. Both Jeff and his brother, Steve, knew how to help people improve and better their skill-set rather than chastising them like so many music teachers do. If myself or any other participant had trouble getting this note or playing that rhythm, we could always count on Jeff to help us figure it out. He was always calm as well. I don't believe that I ever saw him visibly upset for any reason in the entire time that I knew him. He would be visibly proud of us after we would perform and do well. That, in my opinion, is something essential in a teacher of any kind: absolutely vital in a music teacher.

        Jeff Chambers is one of the best music teachers I have ever known. It was truly a pleasure to study under him. He is patient, kind, and proud of his pupils.

        I believe that anyone who would employ him as a music teacher would truly not regret it.


        S. Warren

My name is Benjamin W. I am currently a 15 year old flutist, and more importantly, a former student of Jeff Chambers, whom used to give me private lessons back when I was in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade.

Let me start by saying that Jeff Chambers is indeed a very outstanding music teacher. He is very patient, understanding, guiding, inspiring, and several other positive adjectives. I myself used to be a somewhat troubled musician when I started because it was hard overall to be able to play well. When I was told that I was going to be given private lessons on flute, I was confident that I wasn't going to like it and probably wouldn't be very good at it, but when I was given Mr. Chambers as my teacher, he helped for a long time, and due to his qualities and his marvelous teaching abilities, I became a very good player, I am currently in high school and section leader in band.  I have also been accepted to several honor bands.

Mr. Chambers is an excellent and very connecting music teacher. I would highly recommended him to anyone wanting to advance their skills in a positive environment.

Thank you for your time and attention, and have a wonderful day

Benjamin W.

To whom it may concern;

My family took private music lessons  for several years with Jeff Chambers.  His great love of music coupled with his talent for inspiring new, and advanced students, young and not so young, to embrace the journey of becoming musicians was highly effective.  His methods included theory, band, performance, both in the band, duets, and solo work. They also included the proper way to practice using breath control techniques, embouchure development, perfection of tone, sight reading and precise rhythm.   He also taught us how to be professionals in our attempts with practice, and performance.  He introduced us to a wide variety of genres both to enjoy listening too and playing.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Jeff Chambers for private music lessons on the instrument/s of the students choice.  Your journey will be worth it.



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